Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Favorite item on worktable

We had a question for the members of the ABEurope group (Yahoo group for Altered Books in Europe): what is your favorite item on your worktable?

Well, this is my favorite: a wirebasket with several jam jars filled with water!
My workroom is somewhat away from the nearest watertap. In the beginning I was running around with jars filled with water, to empty them or to change the water. I tried also larger jars as well. But as soon as the water is dirty, then even a large jar won't help!

I found this wirebasket in a store and thought that it would be perfect to hold several jars and filled with water. In the openings I can even tuck in some brushes that need more than a simple rinse in the waterjar.

One jar is dedicated to the glue brush. This is always the same jar in the same place. Now I don't have to think so much when I am using expensive watercolour brushes - which I definetly don't like to rinse in water mixed with glue!

Another bonus is that the cat can't throw the water jars over. I always had to clean up after working, afraid that Coco, who of course prefers my table above the comfortable chair in the same room, would throw a jar over my work.
Also, the jars are small enough so that she can't drink from them - she seems to like 'dirty' water more than a fresh bowl... Cats...