Saturday, April 23, 2011

Interrupted by Spring

Personally, I think Spring is the most positive season. After the long, grey and dark winter comes Spring and offers us hope and let nature become alive again.
The sun intensifies and the light gets brighter, nature start showing off her power and everywhere you feel the sense of rebirth.

I love to watch the tiny buds that start to grow and then burst open to unfold new leaves. It feels like Spring is opening up and showing the good and beautiful things in life.
So I really love Spring.

And with all the magic and wonder around me, I tend to go outside, away from the computer and watch all the miracles unfolding in my own backyard. Seems that Spring is getting all my attention and I forget to post the dozens of pictures that I took to post here on my blog.
So I apoligise for my absence, Springtime is my excuse, that is, if you need an excuse.

Here are more pages of the little art journal that I used to choose my One Little Word for 2011. The word Soul had then already been chosen, but I just loved the way of making a page about an inspirational word.
In a way, this art journal is becoming a kind of personal Little Guide Book.