Monday, January 22, 2007


It has been a while since I worked with textiles - apart from handquilting an enourmous quilt which will take ages to finish. I really like stitching by hand. It is very relaxing.
Inspired by the workshop "Layering" taught by Cherilyn Martin, I decided to get going. My aim is at this moment to try out techniques and make samples, so no pressure for complete projects!
Here a piece of layered papers and paint, sewn to felt. Straight running stitches surround the little piece.
Easy and fun to do!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Felt beads

It's been a while since I took some time to experiment and try new things. I have been to a workshop from Zijdelings by Cherilyn Martin called Layerings and tried some new techniques which I definitly want to explore further.
Today I managed to take some time to make beads from felt and cotton, winded with wire and embossed with embossing powder. The beads were then 'blasted' with a paintstripper ( I do not have a heatgun, and this seems to work as good as a heatgun). The acrylic felt melted partly away showing parts of the underlying fabric.
Now I need to find a way to prevent the cotton from fraying...