Friday, March 25, 2011

Learn to Focus

My art journal had brought me the word of 2011 for me: Soul. But I did not want to stop here. It was so relaxing to work these pages in this simple style that developed throughout the book. The use of those gentle words and my own thoughts in journaling kept me coming back to this journal and adding more words and ideas to guide me through this year of transition.

So for this spread I had chosen the word Focus...

Life can be so interesting, if you open your eyes, there is so much going on right now. The internet is an enormous source of inspiration - and it brings forth so many new ideas to develop and experiment with - that sometimes it can make me restless. I want to try this, I want to try that, of and if I do this...
All these ideas that trail off from one to another, it just keeps on going and can cause some turmoil inside of me.

I try to deal with this (fun) turmoil by scribbling ideas on pieces of paper and making lists of things that I want to do. Thinking that by writing them down, it will ease my mind and calm me down. But I am so open for new and inspiring ideas, so quickly diverted, that it really needs quite some effort to streamline my thoughts.

This page was made to remind me that it is about time that I learn to focus. That I need to set my priorities, focus and a few good things and start working from there.
It would help me to give more attention to the things that really matter - life wise and art wise.

But I think that I need to practise it first. Little baby steps, tiny steps...