Monday, October 10, 2005

Back to textiles

As long as I can remember, textiles have always been in my life. My aunt was a very creative woman. She allways worked with textiles, knitting, crochet, weaving, etc. My mother used a knitting machine to make our dresses and socks. I still remember crocheting clothes with my elder sister for our Barbies. It was the only way to get them dressed because we did not have the money to buy these beautiful doll clothes in the shop.
The last few years quilting has been my main textile 'interest'.
This week I went to Nellie de Mulder, she is an artist for whom I made and maintain a website. She started wool felting and taught me to felt a shawl in one afternoon. The picture here is the result of it - and I am getting hooked. It is very relaxing to felt the wool, and working with colours has always been my favorite. By putting a loose-weaved fabric as a base for the shawl, the felted fabric does not get stiff.
This is her web site . It is in Dutch, but you will find photographs under Expo (fourth expo).
This is the back side of the shawl.