Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New book binded for next Round Robin

Shakti from Spain proposed to start a Round Robin in which we would go completely over the top regarding the artwork and embellishments, we call it the Crazy RR, but will decide on the theme individually.
Seems like a good challenge. Instead of altering an existing book, I decided to bind a complete new book.
Cover, not decorated
This is the cover of the book before adding the decorations. The threads (barely visible here) were sewed in on the spine to add some beads.pastepapers within the book
I used pastepapers as signatures so that there was not one empty white page in the book. Also I added some 'stubs' as spacedivider, but also to add extra tip-ins, envelopes, tags etc. to the book.
some of the pastepapers
And here is the top view of the book. I do not need many pages, there are only 14 of them, plus 20 stubs.
Top view of book

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