Sunday, May 28, 2006

Spread for Crazy Round Robin

I received Susan's book from Germany, to work in. She had a 'no theme' book. I came across this image of horses with their manes in the wind in beautiful brown colours and used that as a starting point.
After I made the decision to use that image, the words for the spread came up quite easily:
wild horses
running free
The book was very small compared to other books in this Round Robin, but I liked to work in this size and format. Small books seem less intimidating!
I tried out some foam stamps with ornaments, maybe a strange combination, but because I stamped them with bronze paint, it seams to fit well.
I also used some non woven polyester and distressed it with a paintstripper (seems to work as good as a heatgun). This was handsewn to the page - easier that glueing.
Am curious about the next book that is coming my way!

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