Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Felting in summer

A few weeks ago I went to Nellie de Mulder, an artist here in our village, to felt. Apart from the work that she sells, she also teaches felting classes. (See her website at: http://nelliedemulder.nl )
I tried to make pages for a felted book, and wanted to make simple 'drawings' in the felt. In the picture on top you can see how the wool was laid out on the cotton cloth. The fabric is used as a base for the felting and gives a very textural effect after felting. The picture was taken after the wool was felted a little bit.
On the other side of this 'page' I laid out another pattern. Then 3 different pages were felted by rolling them in bubble plastic and rolling over the table.
The felts were great. I like the rippled effect that the cotton fabric within causes. Just too bad that the pages were way to large for a felted book.

Cutting them up will loose the graphic designs on them. So I will probably end up making new, smaller pages for a felted book!

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Anart Island Studio said...

Please let us see what you are making with this lovely piece of felt!!! It looks great!!!