Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Book of Dreams arrived home!

My book: Book of Dreams, from the Crazy Round Robin came home! I never realized that the book was considered to be bright coloured - I thought they were soft colours... Beautiful spreads were made by: Claire (UK), Linda (UK), Jill (UK), Shakti (Spain), Pascale (France), Susan (Germany) and Mika (Spain).
Thank you all for making this book shine so brightly!

To see how the book started out, see: New book binded for next Round Robin:
And my own alterations at: Book of Dreams ready for the Round Robin

This was a wonderful RR. The name 'Crazy' refers to the idea that we had to go completely over the top with the alterations and decorations. Well, as you can see, this happend to my book. Despite the extra space that I created by binding in 'stubs' in the book, it is so filled that it can't be closed anymore. It feels so rich...!
I am thinking about making boxes for my altered books, so that they will survive the coming years. But in the meantime I place them in my workroom so that I can enjoy them everyday!

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