Monday, May 26, 2008

Saying good bye

Can't believe that I just typed this title... But yes, I think that this is a bit special. After more than 15 years or so, I have replaced my old Wacom tablet for a super new one. What so special is about that? It is the only piece of hardware that survived so many years in a row!
It even travelled with me to all kinds of exhibitions when I still had my own company and sold textile design software.
And I should have been able to keep on using it, was it not for Wacom who thought there was no need for a new driver for this old tablet, they just assumed that this tablet would have died in 15 years. So no reason to update the drivers for Vista and now it does not support pressure sensitivity under Vista... It still works though as a normal pen!

So after using the old tablet this past year, I decided that it was time to save up and buy the new version of the tablet.
Instead of choosing the A4 oversized, I went for the normal A4 size - a wise decision since the tablet takes over even more space (in width) than the old one.
Remains the question - what do I do with this old tablet?

So now I have these stylish black items on my computer desk. Well, in reality, only the right half of the desk is 'stylish' - the left side is filled with CD's, DVD's, pens and pencils, memorycards, notes, magazines, books, papers and more notes...
No clean workspace for me, I guess!


Lee Kottner said...

Does it still have a driver for XP? I'm not updating any time soon and would be happy to buy it, if the answer is yes.

You can contact me at Lee_kottner AT mindspring DOT com.

artexplorer said...

Am not sure about the drivers, I worked with the tablet with WIN 98. Don't know if the tablet can be used in the UK and US because of the different plug - seems to me that it is not worth shipping this rather large and heavy tablet outside The Netherlands. Sorry!