Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some felt experiments

Yesterday I spent the afternoon felting with yarns that I bought recently in Scotland (see my previous post). To bind the threads with each other, I used wool top. I first started with laying out vertical treads, added the wool top, then added the horizontal threads to make a grid pattern.
In my first experiment I also added some wool top above this last layer. But this piece did not turn out so well. I wanted a lacelike effect. So I tried again, using 3 layers: yarns, wool top and another layer of yarns. The wooltop was placed with open spaces so that I could have holes in the felt. This second picture - in white- is the result. I really liked it but felt that I needed to get rid of the praphic grid pattern.

So the red version (first picture) was next: just spiling out the yarn over the table, then adding the wool top and of course, adding an extra layer of yarn in loose loops.
This is the piece that I love best. This yarn also felted better with the wool top than the previous one.
I could do some handstitching on the white felt to bind the yarn better with the rest of the felt, but feel that it might ruin the loose and rough look of the feel.
Wishing for an embellisher right now.... Sigh...
Also tried some other things, like felting to organza. It did work, but the piece did not look good enough to post here but is a great piece to do some other techniques on.
Anyway, I enjoyed these experiments even though I am a bit limited in my movements - rolling the felt - because of some stitches in my shoulder (because of minor surgery). Looking forward to removal of these stitches and being able to move my arm freely again!

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TJ said...

Yeah Jacqueline, beautiful stuff... I don't know a thing about felting but you make me want to learn!!!