Sunday, March 15, 2009

Altered book: Historical colours

Last month I received Julie's altered book from England. She had found an old book with the title: A tint book of historical colours suitable for decorative work.
The book is divided into chapters that refer to different cultures, ceramics and textiles, and their colour schemes. What also makes the book special, is the handpainted colour chips that show different colour schemes 'suitable for decorative work'.
Julie asked us not to cover the colour chips completely, so that the original part of the book still remains visible.
I chose to work in the spread with the Beauvais Tapestry colour scheme. I would have loved to add some tapestry stitches to the pages too, but that would have destroyed the back pages and their colour chips.
The book has been wrapped now and is ready for shipping to Germany.

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TJ said...

I loved Julie's book so much last time, I cant' wait to see how it's come along during this RR. I love your chair outline. xoxox tj