Friday, December 18, 2009

Days of September (part 5)

Here are the last pictures of the pages of my 'September Journal' that I made following an online class at Everyday we were sent a prompt to think about and to record it with photographs and text.
After the first two prompts or so, I just noted down what happened that day, or captured a moment and made a page about it. I used to be such a good student when I went to school, but nowadays I might be the teacher's nightmare. Always going astray. And often getting lost. Well, the latter did not happen in this project.

This page is about the day Yoga classes started again. It seems so simple: breathe in, breathe out. Move slowly and concentrate.
Concentrate. Don't think about other things. Forget about the ToDo list. Better still, don't think at all. And that is hard. My brain does not like to be shut up. It loves to wonder off. And off. Again. It is December now and I think I am able to learn this. Give me another year or two!

We hate traffic jams, hubby and I. They are just plain boring. And annoying. So we kind of make it a sport to avoid them and use the smaller country roads to get back home. Hubby has a thing with ferries. And he knows most of them on the Rhine, Lek and Maas river. So here in land which is divided by many rivers, the solution is to use a small ferry instead a large bridge on the highway.
And as a bonus you get to step out of the car for a minute or two and enjoy the fresh air!

This is a page about just a horrible day. There is not much to tell about it. These kind of days are the days you just want to avoid. Way too stressfull. Too bad you can't avoid these awful days, they are just as much part of life as the happy ones!

Another way of relaxation for me is sewing by hand. Doing a bit of patchwork, or in this month, making a quilt. The soft texture of the cloth, the movement of the needle putting it all together. There is something magical about it. Or maybe it is not magical, but so simple, easy and relaxing. After all these years I am still trying to figure this out!


Barb said...

I love the textures and colours you used in your book. Wow, I wish I could scrapbook like this. I hope to draw inspiration from people with very different styles of scrapping... that's one of my goals in taking the BPS class with Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing. :)

TJ said...

I love the yoga page most! The figure inside of the big oval is really simple yet powerful. Makes me want to go find my yoga matt...

Juls~ said...


Love your blog & your artful projects! Altered art is so much fun to look at and I wish I had more time to devote, but J*S keeps me so busy.

Your papers are gonna rock from AoD with your background in altered art! I look forward to seeing your work should you decide to put it out there :)