Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little Red Book (part 5)

Finally Spring has arrived - temperatures are rising and nature is waking up. The weeds in the garden take advantage of my waking up way too slowly from my winter sleep, and they start thriving already. The birds eagerly wait every morning for me to feed them. They have important things to do, gathering materials for their new nests.
The doves are courting, making moves with their heads, trying to please their partner. Swans and geese are flying over in pairs, falling in love the way only they can do. Buds from plants are growing and starting to change to the brightest green,  ready to burst open. In short: life is starting up again.
Everything moves so quickly. Time seems so precious in spring and is moving forward quickly. It's hard to keep up and I feel the need to hasten my pace or I will fall behind. Luckily I have this art journal to express my thoughts and feelings - a way of capturing time and catch phrases before they are erased by the hectics of this beautiful month.


Paula Phillips said...

These are so wonderful! I love the layers in the first one.
Much Love

freebird said...

I love, love, love your pages! I wish I could be so free.

ayra k said...

ooh, I love the "Welcome to my truth" page, all those "A"s hidden in there! And the vines on the large A, is that drawn or stamped?

Useful Books said...

Hey! Found you through the blissfully art journaling yahoo group. LOVE the rich color and texture of your work! Thanks for sharing it!