Sunday, October 17, 2010


Sometimes, you just need to let go of everything nice and beautiful and create a mess before you are able to create at all!
That was my idea when I lost my mojo and was unable to express any creativity. I came across the book "Mess" by Keri Smith and ordered it from the Bookdepository.
The idea behind the book is that you are not only allowed, but encourage d to make a mess of the book itself.
I started going to the pages and found this assignment: Fill in this 5 inch square by using all of the colours you have on hand.
That was an easy one! I just had taken out a tin with loads of pencils and started doodling in colour! The workspace became a beautiful mess as well. :-)


A Kid Named TR3! said...

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kungfudonut said...

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TJ said...

Hey -- look who's back in the blog-o-sphere!! Great to see you here, I wonder why my google reader didn't show these posts. I'm happy in any case! Hugs from germany, tj