Sunday, July 10, 2011

Keeping it simple today

Outside my window... the birds are singing

I am thinking... of going outside and enjoy the day

I am thankful... for the sun and the clouds today

In the kitchen... are dishes waiting to be cleaned

I am wearing... clothes that are too big for me

I am creating... a crocheted blanket

I am going... to design more digital printables

I am wondering... what the future holds for me

I am reading... again: The Memory Keepers' Daughter

I am hoping... for more space in my life

I am looking forward to... a walk down to the river

One of my favorite things... is working with colour


Francisca said...

Wat LEUK!!!!! :). Wat een leuke kleuren en wat een leuk patroontje/ontwerp, of hoe je dat ook noemt.

Het is leuk dat ik nu je blog in mijn Google Reader heb, zodat ik meteen kan zien wanneer je een nieuwe post hebt.

Stephanie said...

Outside my window...the sun is shining.

I am thinking...I should probably get up and get motivated.

I am thankful...for such a restful weekend and such a wonderful start to the week so far.

In the kitchen...are dishes waiting to be cleaned!

I am wearing...comfy clothes...I should probably change before I head out.

I am creating...a fun, new bedroom for my boys.

I am drive myself nuts waiting for the mail!

I am wondering...what the future holds for me!!

I am reading...the same book I've been reading for 6 weeks.

I am hoping...for a big life change soon!

I am looking forward to...a camping trip with my family.

One of my favorite things...iced tea on the patio.

Mary-Ann said...

Wow! You are so talented! I also get your blog updated on my Yahoo! page so I can see updates immediately. Keep up creating!