Friday, December 02, 2011

Fresh Colour To Brighten Up Grey Days

Everyday, I receive an email from in my emailbox with new colour palettes. It always feel like a kind of gift that you get to open: beautiful pictures with a palette of colours attached to it, chosen from the photograph.

Here is one I made myself. I loaded a photograph of the Little Guide Book into Photoshop and made this palette of colours myself. The colours in the photograph might not be as bright as they appear in the palette, but who said that I have to constrain myself to the exact colours? :-)
Just a little bit moving the cursor around in the Colour Picker of Photoshop and I got this beautiful bright set of colours.

Just what you need on these grey, dab days... Hope that these colours will make you smile today as well!

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Marit said...

't is inderdaad een vrolijke rij! En juist als ik dit typ, begint de zon te schijnen door mijn raam... kijk eens aan!!! Ik wens je een mooi en kleurrijk weekend!