Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Secret Garden spread in Altered Book

Linda's book in the "My Own Theme" Round Robin is about secret gardens. She asked us what our secret garden would look like and express that in the spread in her book.
I love gardens, but are not so good in gardening - the weed is always winning in our garden... But I do have several ideas about how I would like to see my secret garden. To put all these ideas into the spread was impossible. So I used just some of the ideas.

I kept the spread fairly simple because of all the images that I wanted to use. It is mainly paint that I used plus I typed out the characteristics of that secret garden on our old type machine - much quicker than stamping these sentences. Just hope that Linda likes the spreads. This book is so inspiring!


Linda said...

Oh wow!!! Yes I DO love this! Beautiful work. Thank you so much - I can hardly wait for my book to come home, lol!!!

Edward said...

I have enjoyed looking at your work. i like the diversity as well as the use of colour and tecture in your textile pices. Thanks you.