Sunday, March 18, 2007

Papermaking, part 2

Here are more pictures of my adventures in papermaking (see my previous post). In the picture above you see a little sheet that I pulled after I mixed the red and purple pulp in one vat. The colours did not mix completely, so I got this variegated effect.
When the sheet was still wet, I added the little (normal) pieces of paper. Just pressing them into the sheet was enough to keep them together.

Folding wet sheets after pulling gives a complete different effect than crumpling or folding dry paper. I hope to use pieces of this sheet in textural collages.

Anothere effect that I got after pressing the wooden stamp too hard in a thin sheet: it tore the paper. But I like it - now I have holes to sew unto fabric! I like the very rough edges of this sheet. The stamp was not inked, but it might be the old ink that was still in the wood that left the print.

There is so much what you can do when making your own papers. Here I layed out some fibers on a larger sheet and then couched a smaller page over it. Just a slight pressing and then waiting for it to dry!
I had so much fun trying out these ideas, and I think that I will come up with more ideas the next time...

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windy angels said...

Thank you for all this fabulous information. I've been wanting to do paper making for ages. I did a short course about 10 years ago and would love to get back to it.
Thanks for the info and inspiration.