Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shortlisted again...

Every month, the photographer's website Ephotozine, organises a new competition. The theme of the month March was 'Paint It'. This theme seemed easy to me and I went to work.
In my workroom I set up a table and started messing with tubes and paint.
It seemed so easy, but it is hard to make a good picture of the paint coming out of a tube. Luckily I went digital some years ago and could try out any composition and angle I could think of, reviewing the frames on the camera and later on, on the PC.
I went for this picture which I liked best.
Since we could send in two images, I tried another setup with my used brushes, but I could not make a impressive picture. So back to my old archives. I choosed my 'Watercolour Lily' as second image and sent both in.
The result? The tube photo did not win anything, nor did the 'Watercolour Lily'. But this one got shortlisted though.
This is the second time that a picture of mine was shortlisted. Hope that once I will win the competition, instead of getting shortlisted!
Here is 'Watercolour Lily':

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