Tuesday, October 16, 2007

House of Sacrifice

Setting my first babysteps in 3D.... This photocollage started with the rendering of a 3D model in the software program Poser. I then added various photographs to create the mood of my theme I am working on: Religion and Faith.
A few months ago I felt that I needed something else to put into my digital collages. Since then I have ideas to import rendered 3D objects into my digital collages because sometimes it is so frustrating to have not the right photographs to express my ideas.
A few years ago I had been dabbling with an old 3D program called Amapi that came free with Computer Arts magazine. These last months I have been reading manuals, books and experimenting with software like Vue Esprit, Amapi Pro 7.5, Poser 7 and just recently Carrara 6 Pro.
There is loads to learn, which I love - but on the other hand I still want to work with my hands, paint, paper, textiles and glue as well!
Too much hobbies - too little time. Nothing new under the sun, right?

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