Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What to do with this book?

This book stood in a window of a secondhand bookshop in Den Bosch. I could not resist buying it.
This is the kind of book that was probably the pride and joy of the girl who received it. On the front, the coloured plate is glued into the bookboard. In the book several coloured plates are glued in the book.
We are so used to full coloured books and magazines, but years ago, this must have been a luxury!

The stories in the book seem so innocent, filled with morals and good endings - so far from what our daughters get to read in their magazines!
It is a pity that there is no date found, nowhere in the book. No referral to copyright. Guess no one was worrying about that, back then.

I bought it to alter, but on the other hand, I do like the covers so much - eventhough they are not that perfect. The pages are old, not that brittle, but for altering I need to remove some pages and glue some together.
This is the first time that I found it hard to get my hands at it and alter it. Can't even find a theme. Some suggestions???


yarngoddess said...

Blue would, of course, be my first thought for a color scheme and also for the theme....a melancholly ramble of all things that make girls blue and sad. Lost earrings, lost loves, lost opportunities.

J-ME said...

It looks like a lovely book. Since I love old books and this one shows a way of life that has been mostly lost in our society, I would have a hard time altering it!
Not much help, am I?! How about a theme that lends itself to the topics represented in the book, clothing styles, pasttimes of the era, virtues, etc.