Saturday, July 26, 2008

Digital Collage: "Empty"

One digital collage of the 'Journal' series. All the images used are my own photographs: landscape and sky from The Netherlands, seagull from Scotland, window and shutters from France, and the chair was shot in my backyard. The old 1830's paper was folded and scanned.

The weather has changed here in Holland: it is pretty warm, too hot to sit in front on the computer, too hot to do anything except sitting in the shadow and reading a good book!
The ideas for a next collage is already forming in my head, but I am heading for the garden now!

Jane T.: I make these collages in Photoshop. I have been using the program since version 3 so I feel that I know my way around this piece of software. For this collage I used Layers, Layer Modes and Layer Masks only. These features, as far as I know, are also available in Photoshop Elements and Corel PhotoPaint.


Carol said...

Lovely collage. And thank you for sharing your Photoshop instructions. Good to know it's hot where you are because it's really cold here in Sydney (or what we Sydneysiders think is cold.)

freebird said...

Very nice. I have used PS Elements a little but it's very confusing and complicated to me. After doing your layers and finishing your collage do you print it out?