Saturday, July 19, 2008

Digital Collage: Opening Up

When the weather is good, I like to eat my breakfast in the garden. On the garden table stood this plant, ready to be potted up in a larger pot. Every morning I could see the new buds appear and watch them growing. After a few days the buds would open up, unfolding their petals from the bud, ready to burst wide open and to soak in the light.
What an eagerness for life and light! I just love the stage when the bud has been opened, but the petals have not yet completely unfolded. This is one of the many shots that I took from that plant.


... Paige said...

I just happened across your blog and have enjoyed my visit. I hope to be able to return soon and pick up on some of your unique ideas. You and I dabble in some of the same art mediums. Just to mention one of the blogs I visit, Mags, does a lot of fabric techniques you may be interested in… here is a link

jane.t said...

I found your blog purely by accident.I love your work! I think they're beautiful. What software do you use to make those collages?