Thursday, February 25, 2010

The not so Nice and Neat part

For the ABEurope Group I taped 2 movies about different techniques I like to use. One of the members commented on my box of water soluble crayons: neatly organised and not one of them was broken. She uploaded a picture of her broken crayons to the group's website. To give her, and the other member who watched the video, a real and honest view of my workspace, I took this picture. My box of crayons was definitly Nice and Neat, but that is just to counter balance the Not So Nice And Neat Worktable. LOL!

The video is zoomed in on a part of my table which I clear before taping. To make a good impression. Well, so far for this good impression. This is the real deal, girl!


TJ said...

Thank GOD!! I love the zoomed out perspective too!! You are great whether you're messy OR neat jacqueline. I love ya both ways!! happy creations from tj

christygrant said...

Beautiful art and my workspace is messier! ALL the time!

Lindart said...

Great workspace! Someone creative lives here!