Sunday, June 05, 2011

Appreciate the Little Things in Life

I have no idea where this flower came from. I discovered it a few years ago back in the darker part of the garden. Since then it seeded itself along the shed to the doors of the shed. And despite me opening that door to get my bicycleout almost every day, it still keeps on flowering and seeding more little plants.

Mother Nature blessing me with little yellow poppies. Strong poppies. The one that comes back again and again each year despite the bad spot where it has to live.
A small miracle in my back yard.

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Marrianna said...

I have a front yard of wildflowers that have grown between the rocks. My poppies are California Poppies and come up a dark yellow/orange. I started with little seeds from a friend and the wind spreads them every year. Water is precious in Flagstaff, AZ, so I have the yard mostly naturalized. I'm waiting for our summer rains.