Tuesday, August 09, 2011

In the Sun journal pages

One of the first prompts, I think back in June, was making a page of your purpose and intention of this art journal.
The main thing that I want to achieve is this feeling of 'anything goes' and experiment without restrictions. This became a 'cute' page! And I normally don't do cute!

Another prompt was about making a self portrait and writing down several things that make up you. I did not put a lot of thought into the list. I just wrote some things down about me. Another thing that I hardly have done: using my own handwriting in my art journals.  But this is something I like to experiment with these last weeks of summer.

Working quickly, no overthinking - or hardly thinking - and keeping it simple feels so much like fun. I am not over the moon about these pages, I just want to let the flow goes where it takes me, and enjoy the process of making a quick page in the mean time.


Marit said...

Lekker, gewoon laten gaan die pagina's! Het rijtje op de eerste bladzijde vind ik dan ook helemaal kloppen... niets moet, alles mag! Geniet ervan!

Mary-Ann said...

Hey sis, send me that photo of yours! I would love to have it.