Thursday, August 11, 2011

My wish for this summer

One of the prompts from the class In The Sun was making a page about the songs that you love to hear in the summer.
Despite the rain and the wind, the feeling of summer comes back to me if I watch James Blunt's video with "Stay the night". Happy and upbeat: Simon Webbe, a summer should be without any worries.
I like Bruno Mars' song because it is full of energy. Oh, and what is a summer without a song in Italian? That is not really summer!

Another prompt from the class was to write down your wishes for the summer. I made this page this week, and eventhough I have not seen or experienced much of these things up untill now, I will still keep on hoping!

I like the simplicity of using lists for a journal page. And, as the previous pages, I did things that I normally don't do. Just working quickly, keeping it light and just accept the results as they are. Even using a silly picture and ruining it with using the red crayons around it.
It is summer after all... :-)


Marit said...

Wonderful and light pages! I did a 'list journal' back in Spring (March?) and I loved the free feeling it gave me when I worked on those pages... I can see you have the same! Enjoy!!! I wish you a sunny weekend!

Mary-Ann said...

I love these pages! So summery!

Mary Tricia McGregor said...

Love the light summer feeling your artwork and choices give. Enjoyed your page very much.