Saturday, January 21, 2012

Page From my Sketchbook

At the moment I am busy designing patterns mostly on the computer, but I really need to break away so now and then from the computer screen and work with paint, pencil, brushes and paper.
This is one of the sketches that I made from the rose hips that stand next to my house.

Every morning I have to get outside to open up the shutters and this rosebush stands between the two windows. It does not look pretty at all, the roses and leaves are gone, the branches are dark and bare, but if you look closely, the whimsical dried leaves from the rose hips make beautiful wirly shapes.

Too bad though, it does not matter how many sketches I make, whether in pencil, with a marker or in water colour, I just don't seem to be able to capture the whimsical beauty of these pretty swirly things. I need to sketch them more often untill I will get it right. :-) But that is the purpose of sketching: practise, practise, practise....


Tessa said...

Beautiful! Love the background colour/ intensity. Love the angle of the left rose hip.

xx Tessa

Cynthia said...

This is so beautiful. Colors are amazing. I can see that you love these rose hips. I love those things left behind after the full blooming. thanks for sharing

togoh said...

that's really cool!
i really like it! great blog!
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Mary-Ann said...

I really like this Jacqueline! You have such an amazing talent!