Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pattern Design Published on the Print&Pattern Blog

Just found out that one of my pattern designs have been published on the famous Print&Pattern blog:

It is a simple pattern, made from a sketch of a leaf from my garden. Thanks to Laura Coyle's class about Adobe Illustrator (on reneepearson.com) I started using vector software again in my digital design work and rediscovered my love for designing patterns - I used to do textile design and web design in the past - and have now enrolled in a surface pattern design class. That keeps me so busy that I neglected this blog - sorry about that!

It is fun to see that one of my designs was good enough to be published on this blog that is all about surface pattern design! :-)

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Caatje said...

Mooi patroon en wat leuk dat je op het print&pattern blog staat. Gefeliciteerd.