Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another New Word

Back in December, I was aware that the new year was approaching soon. I had to find another new word for 2011 that would guide me throughout 2011.

Since the word for 2010 had turned out to be so powerful, I decided that I should take great care in finding a new word that would guide me through 2011.
I took my art journal and started this spread, which turned out to be a big question mark.  Decision making is definitly not my greatest asset. Working out my feelings on paper in paint, markers and pencils helps at least organise my thoughts and make them real.

This spread is simply about the search for that one Little Word.


Tammie Lee said...

wishing you a wonderful new word!
A word came to me a few months ago and I am having an amazing time walking in life with it as a companion, 'listen'.

TJ said...

I still haven't posted my words for 2011. I feel kind of lost without my alphabet journal, but now you're inspiring me to get over it and embrace the WORDS...!! Beautiful images...
xoxo tj