Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Search for that One Little Word

To clear the mind, you have to let it flow freely. So the next step for me was to write the words down that came up in my mind.
On this spread, I wrote them, printed them, stamped them.

Every word that I came up with, seemed to be a good word. Something that I could use in this new year, in this new life of mine.
Oh boy, there are way too many words. And I keep finding new ones. I needed a way to make the selection easier!
I wanted to 'work' with a word. Make at least one simple spread and see what was happening while I worked at the spread.
Time to experiment, play and feel. I always like to find a reason to mess around with paint and glue, images and letters.

1 comment:

TJ said...

Wow - gorgeous!!! And you're right, there are so many. I chose more than one... I say use as many as you need...
It's especially interesting to me that your journal spread is in English and not Dutch.
How about "international!"
hugs from germany, tj