Monday, January 24, 2011

Finding One Little Word, How About 'Choice'?

As you can read in previous posts, I was in search of one word to use in 2011 as a guide. Instead of making resolutions, or goals for the new year, I prefer to choose one word and have that in my daily life to remind me.
The first word I came up with was 'Choice'.

Somebody said to me that I should choose and commit to the choice. I am a very intuitive person and I like to go with the flow, wherever it takes me. That is a good thing, but I am open way too much for new things to happen and change directions halfway. And in the end it leads to confusion or sometimes even nowhere...
In my art journal I made this spread about 'Choice' to ponder about it. I did not decide anything yet (!) and wanted to make more spreads about other words that inspired me.

I'll show you one in the next post.


TJ said...

Now this is a GREAT word. It feels powerful to me.

What is it in Dutch? In german I think it is "möglichkeit" or "Wahl"???

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