Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Art Journal: The Bridge

I found this picture lying around in a drawer which I really needed to clear out. No need to say that the drawer was left in the same state and I started to lay out the photograph on the different backgrounds of my art journal.
Nothing seemed to work at that time though, and the picture found its place on my worktable for several weeks.

That is the reason why clearing worktables is such an inspirational activity: you come across things that you wanted to use, but still hasn't. It is fun to rediscover these little treasures under a pile of papers after a few weeks!

So when I refound (a new word) the photograph, I cut away the background, sanded the water and added gesso over it, blending it with my fingers. The text was something I wanted to work into a collage for a long time, so that was easy.
Just a line of poetry to finish it off.

How many bridges do you need in your life's journey? Do you cross the wild waters by foot and get wet, maybe even go under for a while, or do you first build a bridge?
How many times have you turned around and taken another path in the hope that it will lead you to a safer place to cross these rivers?


Caatje said...

Mooi effect met de weggeknipte achtergrond. Wat bruggen betreft: ik durf wel risico's te nemen, zolang ik de overkant nog maar wel kan zíen. ;-) Om bij de metafoor te blijven: een rivier oversteken zou ik wel durven, een oceaan niet, haha.

Marit said...

Prachtige pagina Jacqueline! Ik ben er helemaal weg van!!! Ik ben inderdaad ook niet iemand die snel 'in het diepe springt'... maar als het echt 'moet' voor mijn eigen gevoel, dan doe ik het ook en vertrouw erop dat ik niet kopje onder ga... en mocht dat laatste onverhoopt wel het geval zijn: als echte Zeeuwse is het toch altijd 'luctor et emergo'!!!