Sunday, September 18, 2011

Page from Raw Art Journal

This little format of wired book is wonderful to work in. Though I seem to be unable to paint on a small scale, for art journaling this size works wonders for me. This is my second art journal called "Raw". The first one was the Little Red Book which I already filled up completely.
ReBuild and ReInvent is the theme for this page. Accompanied with a cheerful picture.

And I love Found Poetry, the messages that underline my intention of the page. This one: "Move, to get free".
Moving, or taking action is the only way to change things. Just watch the news: Egyptians caused the biggest change in their history by taking action. Libia is undergoing their change by the movement, the action, of people who no longer accept life as it used to be.

Though we might not be in need of a revolution, we do need to move once in the while to stir up a change in life and get ahead.


Caatje said...

Ik vind vooral die kleine getekende huisjes rechtsonder erg leuk. Mooie pagina.

Marit said...

Mooie pagina Jacqueline! De foto is inderdaad heel grappig en 'moving'... leuk, met die huisjes en ticket erbij!