Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raw Journal: Just More of the Same

Somehow this page seems to be a newer version of a similar page from my Little Red Book:
which says:

"This too was on repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat for a long time."

Though this time this new page was made based on an observation from someone else which I needed to write down because of the new meaning that was given.

I guess that despite all the things in life that changes and all the actions you undertake to make changes, some things will just never, ever change. No matter what you do, how much you try to turn it inside out and upside down, it just won't change. It kind of feels like moving a mountain with your bare hands.

The question is, will the mountain defeat you or do you accept it? Can you work with it, around it,  or is ignoring the mountain an option? In my case, ignoring it might be the best strategy for now...
And this all leads to another question: how many mountains are there in my life? Something to think about!

1 comment:

Caatje said...

Mooie pagina. Vind het ook leuk hoe je de gedachtengang erachter vertelt. Dingen die ik niet kan veranderen vind ik het moeilijkste wat er is. Ik háát machteloosheid en kan het maar moeilijk accepteren als iets echt niet te veranderen is. Zal de controlfreak in mij wel zijn. Zucht. ;-)